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Till The Soil.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I started therapy about month ago and my therapist stated how much growth she has seen in our sessions.

Yesterday, she told me to set some goals for 2021 in order to “plant my seeds” for growth in different aspects of my life. I told her it was ironic she mentioned the words "planting" and "seeds", because the word “tilling” has been on my mind lately. I told her I feel this being the season to really tilling my soil in order to build a strong foundation, personally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and entrepreneurially.

After my session, I searched for a Bible verse on tilling and came across Proverbs 28:19. It says, “He who tills his land will have plenty of food, but he who follows empty pursuits will have poverty in plenty” (NASB). It made me take inventory on how I handle business, my finances, and my connections.

For reference, tilling is the process gardeners or farmers use to break up or turn over the soil into finer pieces. It removes weeds and undesirable roots. According to Mantis, tilling is ideally done at the end of a growing season and is normal for when you're ready to plant seeds.

Additionally, I started to question myself on how well did I take care of the things given to me and if I were a good steward towards them. Did I really till my soil and take care of the things and people connected to me? Did I plant seeds of intentionality and did it produce real fruits? Did I allow my garden to wither away? There were definitely a lot of moments that tested my faith and obedience this year. Some I have failed at tremendously and others, I have succeeded (to my standards at least). Overall, 2020 was year of growth and on the outside looking in, God truly showed up and out and blessed me with the things I have prayed about.

Furthermore, this type of thinking will help me plan properly for 2021 and really dig deep into what God wants from me in all aspects of my life. I do not want to go into another season playing about my business, because God has done way too much for me to even sit here and act like I'm a self-made entrepreneur.

This season will have some tears. This season will have a lot of quiet moments. This season will require obedience and faith. This season will require me to take chances on God and actually do the work.

Are you tilling your soil?


Brittney Cherry is Digital Creator and the Creator of ContouredSeven. ContouredSeven is a Lifestyle Creative Agency helping women-owned, women-led businesses, with extraordinary vision, outline their brand's identity through creativity and execution.

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